Anna NEMES: They Are May 05, 2017 - June 03, 2017

The next exhibition at the Várfok Gallery will show the monumental works of Anna Nemes in both the main exhibition space of the Várfok Gallery and the Várfok Project Room. The exhibition, ’They Are’, opens on Thursday, 4th May, 2017 and will be the very first large-scale introduction of this talented, emerging artist. 

Anna Nemes (1989, Budapest) finished her studies in painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2014, where she was a member of Imre Bukta’s class. She joined the permanent artist circle of the Várfok Gallery in 2016, as its youngest artist. Previously, her works have been shown in various locations in both solo and joint exhibitions and have already found their way into the private ownership of Hungarian and International collectors.

Nemes’ work predominantly focusses on the appearance of the human body which is depicted naked and in an exceptional way. She uses the canvas, the brushes and the paint with peerless buoyancy in order to portray disabled people, body builders, relatives, or the reanimated anatomy of human body. The figures in her paintings may be shown in sensual or distressing positions or situations but always within an intimate atmosphere which the artist creates around them. However, mysterious secrets are kept from the viewer leaving space for reflection and interpretation.
The painting process is unusual and individual. Nemes’ technique is characterised by dissolving acrylic paint and applying it to the snow-white canvas with an unprecedented and eminent sensuality. 

The Várfok Gallery will exhibit a selection of former and most recent paintings of Anna Nemes and, in the Várfok Project Room her diploma work, depicting body builder women, will be shown. In addition to the paintings, video works made for this special occasion will enhance the viewing experience in a unique and exciting way.

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