Bence Bakonyi: Cognition April 14, 2014 - May 31, 2014

The upcoming exhibition in the Várfok Project Room shows the newest works, entitled Cognition, of Bence Bakonyi, the young photographer, who recently joined the circle of artists of the Gallery.

Bence Bakonyi’s (1991, Keszthely / H) series entitled Cognition, was made in 2013 in the Gobi Desert, and was exhibited in a gallery in Hong Kong a few month ago. After the Chinese viewers, now the Hungarian audience also has a chance to view the latest works of the 23 years old artist, who is currently working on his diploma on the MOME.

Cognition, the sensing of reality, the relation of a person to their surroundings and community is unfolded here threw clean, painterly compositions. Divided by concrete roads, monitored by cameras, however infinite, wide whiteness of a desert is upon view; in it are colourful groups of Chinese tourists, following each other in lines like ants. Absurdity and surprise.

Bence Bakonyi spent one year in Asia, with a scholarship of five month in China on Photography major at Normal University, Shanghai. Bakonyi was continuously researching the mentality and hardly reachable, closed world of the Chinese people, of which, his experiments are centred in the Cognition series.

Viewing the pictures we are witnessing the complete détente of the individual, controllability in the psychics of a crowd, as well as the unlimited expansions of developed civilisations, which embraces the so fare seemingly endless deserts as well. However, the negative final feel is not present. Seeing the satisfaction of the colourful figures makes us realise, that this is in fact their natural surroundings.  Like that, exhilaration covers the viewer as well, when in unbelief they take a closer look at the details: the colourful chain of people, the fare away traces of a camel caravan, the vivid orange surfaces of rented wellington boots, the architecture of the concrete roads, all make and exciting contrast to the surrounding non-embraceable set of desert send, placing the composition on the edge of surrealism.

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