Borbála SZANYI: Fancy Room July 01, 2016 - July 30, 2016

Within the framework of the Várfok Project Room’s forthcoming exhibition entitled Fancy Room the audience could meet the brand new project of the sculptor, Borbála Szanyi. This will be the second occasion that the artist’s works are exhibited in our Gallery: two years ago she already had a solo show entitled Silent Days, where the visitors could already get acquainted with her unique artistic world.

Borbála Szanyi was born in 1979 in Miskolc (Hungary). She graduated in 2008 from the Sculpture Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts; her masters included Zoltán Karmó and György Jovánovics. The works of young artist has been already nominated with several important prices, among others she received the Ludwig scholarship, the Scholarship of the Kogart Contemporary Art Collection, as well as the Derkovits-scholarship. She is a regular participant of the Hungarian and the international art scene, she have been exhibited her works within the frameworks of several solo and group shows.

The instinctive, essential representation of the consciously experienced things and events is an important characteristic of Borbála Szanyi’s works. Thus, the artist immerses herself in special sculptural problems, but at the same time, she is keeping the distance from her artistic subject, which allows that the audience could reflect on the basic ideas of her artworks.

„The fancy room can be considered as the person’s inner reality and set of values. A place where it is possible and deserving to return, no matter how far the daily routine takes you. It is a permanent, standard base. In addition to the fancy room, on the walls of the exhibition room episodes, accessories and symbolic objects from the past will appear. The unreality in a real space. The Illusion.” – Borbála Szanyi

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