Christiane Peschek: Section January 24, 2012 - February 25, 2012

Project Room – Várfok Gallery’s new hall

Várfok Gallery is delighted to announce that from January 2012 the Gallery will reach a new phasis in its history. Spiritusz Gallery, functioning until now as a separate institution as the representative of the young artist generation will stop to be an independent gallery: it will be merged under the name of Spiritusz Section into the mother institution: Várfok Gallery. Hence Várfok Gallery’s former Várfok Hall (under Várfok St. 14) will welcome the Gallery’s new initiative, the Project Room: its objective is to represent a fresh, dynamic direction within a wide range of different artistic genres, to enhance this way Várfok Gallery’s more traditional exhibition space.
Várfok Gallery’s Project Room will open its doors on January 26th 2012 within the frames of the first exhibition organized along this new conception. Its essence lies in the specificity of the space and in the diversity of the genres it represents. Due to these space-specific projects, visitors will discover smaller or intermediate stages of different artistic œuvres and periods, or learn about the topics that actually interest the artists.
The Project Room will serve the realisation of different projects, not only for the artists of Várfok Gallery but from time to time, it will allow the presentation of guest artists as well.

Christiane Peschek: Section

According to this new conception, Project Room will open with the exhibition of a young photographer, Christiane Peschek. This will be the 27 years-old Austrian artist’s (1984, Salzburg) first show in Hungary. Besides her two series of photos, visitors will discover an exciting slideshow-projection as well. 
Taking a look at these series one will apprehend that Peschek is mostly interested in the evolution of female roles and their backgrounds. There aren’t faces on her pictures, this way the figures remain mysterious and are represented not as personalities but rather as manifestations of different paradigms in general. Intim situations are to be unfold as in the case of I won’t be like my mother so as in the series entitled Diaries. In the first series, young girls are in quest to find their identity which is determinated by the relationship they have with their mothers. How can somebody separate her own identity from the family’s and the education’s? How strong can the influence of our mother’s past be on our own life?
In the series Diaries, Peschek examines the different female roles within a broader frame. The works invoke the baroque still lifes, called vanitas, they operate with the same accessories: dark background, table, different plants and objects having hidden meanings. We’ll understand the title Diaries once we know the size of the works (13x13cm): the strong compositions become intimate ones, and suddenly the viewer finds himself in the role of a voyeur, an eyewitness of different intim and private situations.
The Project Room is going to present Christiane Peschek by favor of the Isabelle Lesmeister, owner of the Lesmeister Gallery from Regensburg (D) with whom Várfok Gallery already had many projects in the past few years.

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