Enikő Hodosy: Bleu/Blue March 18, 2014 - April 12, 2014

Once again a young guest artist will have the opportunity to use the experimental exhibition venue of the Várfok Gallery, the Várfok Project Room to show her works in the confines of an individual exhibition, in cooperation with a young curator. The audience can meet Enikő Hodosy (1987) photographer’s most recent works due to Flóra Barkóczi art historian’s curatorial work.

This year, the Project Room joined to the project titled Overview 2.0 created by the Studio of Young Photographers, which purpose is to give a professional opportunity to the entrant artists and curators to make an exhibition. This goal is the same as the original ambition of the fresh, dynamic exhibition venue of Várfok Gallery, that – in addition to exhibiting young artist – aims to provide opportunities to art historians to realize their projects.

Enikő Hodosy was born in 1987, in Budapest (H). She began her photographic studies in 2010 at the Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, and in 2012 she studied in Brussels at the École de Recherche Graphiqes as a scholarship student. In the recent years, she participated in several professional workshops and group exhibitions. Her works were exhibited among others in the Ludwig Museum, Museum Kiscell and Mai Manó House.

The exhibition Bleu/Blue gives an overview of the latest works of Enikő Hodosy, which she created in the last half year. The photographer started her series in the summer 2013, and is still working on them. The photos are taken in nightly atmosphere with flash. They set to make the viewer focus on the content of the backgrounds. As the shots are movie still like, they can reveal narrative connections which gives space for different interpretations. The photographs are dealing with the contrast between lightness and darkness, visibility and unknownness, the calmness of the nature and the presence of human beings. 

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