Ervin Békési : In the Backyard May 12, 2013 - May 30, 2013

In June, sculpture will once again receive the leading role in Várfok Project Room thanks to the works of a young sculptor, Ervin Békési, whose first solo show in Budapest will be this present exhibition.

Ervin Békési (1986, Nagyatád / HU) finished his studies in 2011 at the Faculty of Sculpture of PTE (University of Pécs); in the same year he was nominated for the Essl Art Award and became the member of Amadeus Art House after receiving in 2010 the scolarship of Amadeus Art Foundation as well. In 2007-2008, at the age of 22, two of his works became public scupltures; since, his works were shown amongst other events at the FIKA (Young Contemporary Statements) exhibitions.
Várfok Project Room’s exhibition will present Ervin Békési’s newest sculptures as part of a space specific project.

The exhibition titled In the Backyard will present a considerable sculpture installation made of different carved wood pieces. Its particular disposal within the space, its esthetical beauty and its symbolical system will unfold from layer to layer in front of the viewer who actually enters into a village backyard when stepping into the Project Room.
The backyard is deserted, a bench stands alone with a deflated dotted ball on it: a mantis is just eating the flecks off, some roll away on the ground. Behind the scene two windows stare at us right in the eye, in one of its ’pupils’ appears a cemetery surrounded by trees, in the other cradles are to be discovered. Swaddling clothes in a basin, strange egg in a birdfeeder, a pigeon laying in the dust. Inception and end, birth and death unite in one shell where one would ’feel’ the very narrow confines of his/her personality too.
The symbols are obvious, still, the negative catharsis hasn’t fulfilled yet. Playfulness in the forms, pure beauty of the laboured wood surfaces: i.e drama is dissolved by the vision itself. Would it be easier to see only than say things out loud? Or is it visuality itself that helps confrontation? For Ervin Békési it is. Things which get accepted in the visual world will get accepted and said out loud in reality too. The moment of denomation becomes the moment of absolution since the opposite of everything is also true. If I say: do not think of life – what will you think of?

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