GYULA SÁGI: Infiltratum (Infiltration) October 15, 2015 - November 14, 2015

Staying true to its mission of featuring entrant artists, Várfok Project Room introduces the young talent Gyula Sági (born in 1987 in Várpalota). Having been exhibited in several European cities such as Paris, Berlin and Maastricht as well as in Japan despite his age, his works are going to be seen in Budapest for the first time in October.

Sági got his degree at the Visual Department of the University of West Hungary in 2010 and he is currently living and working in Berlin. His paintings already have a specific set of motifs, characterised by visual elements of dot, line and spot – these three form the basis of his organic abstract paintings. He is predominantly inspired by structures found in nature and, as a member of the international artist collective Serialists, his works use repetition and an artistic labour based on this technique. The dualistic character/nature of his artworks stems from the sheer force set free during the painting process as well as its control by his extensive knowledge of painting skills.


In addition to his newest pieces, a smaller selection out of his earlier works are going to be exhibited at Várfok Project Room. At the same time, a certain process could be perceived as his attention shifts from organic structures to geometric systems. The serial organic signs are becoming more and more geometric – his main interest lies in rhythm and energy as compositional elements like absence, intermission and caesura play an important role in them.


The title Infiltration describes the very essence of Sági’s work perfectly: the pulsating relation between small stripes left blank and the infiltrating dynamic gestures play a crucial role in the artistic practice of the young painter.


 A joint program with CAFé Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival. 

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