Kata Gaál: Typical Instance March 28, 2019 - May 04, 2019

The next exhibition in the Várfok Project Room will showcase the works of a talented young artist, Kata Gaál. At her solo exhibition titled ’Typical Instance’, an exciting selection of her recent works will be presented.

Kata Gaál (1984, Budapest) graduated in 2017 in Graphic Arts from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. In this same year she was awarded the Main Prize in the 3rd Óbuda Fine Arts Exhibition. Her works have  already caught the attention of many as a member of the Élesd Art Colony and the Budapest Art Mentor Programme. Her works have been exhibited within the frameworks of both solo and group exhibitions. She has exhibited in the prestigious Kunsthalle (Műcsarnok), Art Market Budapest, the Miskolc Gallery and in the YBL Creative House, Buda.

Gaál has always had an autonomous and experimental approach and, despite her young age, she achieves a characteristic visual world in her works. Her highly individual collage and montage techniques use special materials such as wax, wood or pieces of fabric built into the artworks creating interesting and relief-like surfaces on the wooden panels. In her most recent works, she applied LED lights, plush animals and  a hobby horse motif to the surface.

Her paintings are usually reflective of her own experiences. As a result,  in her works, the actual universal questions in which she is interested can be seen. Currently, important topics presented in Gaál’s works include stereotypical social and gender norms and how these norms are changing over time. Specifically, issues relating to the role of women, relationships, clothing, dominance, or the question of having a child are explored. Gaál formulates social criticism with simple everyday scenes including retro slides and  emblematic characters of mothers immersed in their mobile phones.

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