László SZOTYORY: Small Retrospective, Big Manias February 03, 2017 - March 11, 2017

László Szotyory’s, (1957,Cluj-Napoca, Romania) exhibition, ‘Small Retrospective, Big Manias’ can be viewed by visitors at the Várfok Project Room from the beginning of February, 2017. This Munkácsy and Palládium award winning artist was one of the first members of the Várfok Gallery’s prominent artist circle and his first exhibition took place at the Várfok Gallery 25 years ago, in 1992.

Although László Szotyory has revisited some themes from time to time, in the case of this artist we are not dealing with cycles or series, but, rather, with painterly manias with which Szotyory has formed a passionate and emotional attachment. The magic of the moment, the current longing and mood are the deciding factors in what will become an artistic theme or question for him.

The scenes within his paintings are realised with silky lightness and subtle colours and are often the direct results of seeing films, pictures and artifacts. Popular topics for him include the American world, the cinema, vehicles, racing cars and huge planes. In addition to North America, his other favourite topic is the picturesquely calm “Mediterraneum”, parks, Italian gardens with beautiful Cypresses and the exotic world of jungles. Beautifully mysterious women and beasts, both striking and fearsome at the same time, are the main protagonists of Szotyory’s works.

For László Szotyory painting is a sensual pleasure. Devotion is the main source of inspiration for his works. As the artist says, “I paint what I want to conjure up around me, the imaginary environment in which I live and in which I feel good”. The small retrospective exhibition, in the Várfok Gallery Project Room, is an attempt to offer insight into Szotyory’s often mysterious universe so that viewers can immerse themselves in the dream-like world of his paintings.

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