Levente Herman: Tetris April 25, 2015 - June 06, 2015

 At the next exhibition of Várfok Project Room, Levente Herman (1976, Târgu Mureș/RO), member of the Várfok Gallery’s permanent artists’ circle, will introduce his new project, which was made especially for the Project Room’s exhibition space. 

 The exhibition, which is going to give an experience of total artwork, is a summary of Levente Herman’s oeuvre up until nowadays. Besides the fact that Herman is a qualified artist, filmmaking, music and literature are all essential parts of his art as well. The idea of joining and representing these different areas of art at the same time and place has been an interest of the artist for a long time. Now it all comes to life at his exhibition entitled Tetris. The base of this exhibition is an approximately 20 minutes long film made by Herman and his artist friends, which examines the spiritual aspects of the place where we live (itthon) and the place we are from (otthon). As he was born in Transylvania, these two aspects – beyond the historical, ethnical or sociological ones – are very personal matters for the artist. Herman, who lives in Hungary since 1994, discovers new aspects of beauty of his hometown every time he returns. Despite or because of the time he spent in a foreign country his homesick is becoming stronger. At the exhibition there are some memories by which time seems to freeze between past and present.


The title of the exhibition, Tetris is symbolical: on one hand it refers to the character of the mosaic-like installed paintings which cover the Project Room’s walls and on the other hand it also refers to the diversity of the events and the artist’s thoughts at the same time. As a result it all becomes one big unit. The core of the exhibition is around 30 different sized painting on canvas which are the painted versions of various stills cut from the films. Together with the film, or separately from it, the paintings also function as independent entities. Besides the narration of the film, its’ music was also composed by Herman, therefore the audience entering Várfok Project Room will become a part of an extraordinary and suggestive experience.


© Levente Herman, Várfok Gallery

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