Lilla BENKŐ: Between Parallels

The next Várfok Project Room exhibition is once again concentrating on painting: Lilla Benkő’s individual exhibition can be viewed by visitors between October 21 and November 19 2016.

Lilla Benkő (1986, Debrecen / H) graduated from the University of Fine Arts Painting Department in 2012, since then numerous solo and group exhibitions (such prestigious institutions as The Kunsthalle Budapest, Paks Gallery or FUGA) featured her works.

In Benkő’s Between Parallels exhibition we present a selection of her paintings made in the last two years. Whether large or quite small artwork, the paintings specific language is instantly recognizable, the symbol system builds on each other year after year. Recurring motifs (pine forests, cliffs, fairy-tale creatures) inhabit the timeless world of the paintings, whose inspiration can be a quite ordinary event or object from our everyday life, or even the dream world and associations stemming from a chain.

In the case of the figures that appear frequently topos-like, often only reflected by one line or points, their physical reality, their body is not the important part, but the condition in which they are featured. They are always a part of a process on the paintings, it shows a concentrated, frozen moment of an occurring event. In the deep, dark basic tone compositions the light often appears in a prominent role: light phenomena, like light associations, luminous dots saturate the canvas. Elsewhere, the basically figural compositions offset and made particularly exciting by the details tight geometry, the lines of crystal structures, sharp incisions and non-figurative details. The exhibition intends to provide insight into this unique net of ​​rolling thoughts and ideas.

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