Marcell Németh: Position February 20, 2015 - March 21, 2015

In February 2015, Marcell Németh (born in 1982, Budapest/H), a young sculptor will present his works at the Várfok Project Room. The artist’s name may sound familiar to the regular visitors of the Várfok Gallery as one of his works have been exhibited in 2013, within the framework of our group exhibition entitled Eau de Couleurs.

Marcell Németh’s works can be defined by playing with surfaces, his relief-like works are representing a transition between the two and three dimensions. The layers stratified on each other have a graphical character at first sight, but a closer scrutiny of the works reveals to us the fine harmony of the thoroughly stratified steel sheets and the engraved lines on them.

The Derkovits and Finta scholarship as well as the degree prize of the MAOE (Association of Hungarian Artists) winner artist had several solo, and many group exhibitions. Being a metropolitan, his artistic interest is focused on the urban and man-made environment; in his sculptures typically urban locations/sites (e.g. interiors of public vehicles, subways, industrial landscapes, pylons) are presented. Basically, his works are based on different spatial experiences, which are always present in a reduced, symbolic form in the works of art – in every case without people.

With his recent series, the Exterior Space, presented in the Project Room, Marcell Németh introduces us to the most private building, to his home/studio. Here, the man-made environment is displayed as a frame – in the forms of window and door frames – through which the outside world, the exterior space reveals itself to us. The spectator’s position is ambivalent: we look outside from inside the calm medium of the home, yet the openings are closed. The awakening of nature, the bright green of the budding trees, appearing in the cold gray metal eases the overall composition. 

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