Memento Portál June 01, 2012 - June 16, 2012

Várfok Project Room will welcome this time a quite unusual `exhibition`, playing upon the freedom its name allows. The project-exhibition titled Memento Portál commemorates Portál Gallery between June 1st and June 16th 2012. The á propos is that this initiative would celebrate its tenth anniversary this year.
Portál Gallery started on July 4th 2002. By the present exhibition Várfok Gallery will endeavour to invoke, even for a short time, Portál Gallery’s particular spirit. In those days the place was directly `accessible` from Várfok Street, or let’s say `visible` to be more specific, as one could take a look inside the space only through a big glass surface: only one work was exhibited, every month another one. The particularity of Portál Gallery was that the `spectacle` was `available` all day and night long thanks to a sensor which was activated when the promenader stood on a precise point (marked by two footprints), this way the work got illuminated.
Although Portál Gallery only functioned until 2006, its importance resided in the fact that it made contemporary art more direct, more easily `accessible`. Actually the open-air Gallery19, functioning in Várfok Street as its descendant since 2007 is to be considered as its continuation but with a much more wider range of possibilities.
Várfok’s Project Room will receive for the occasion of Memento Portál a special `outfit`, the works will alternate every two day. The series will start on the opening day with János Szirtes’ work, but works by László Győrffy, István Nádler or franyo aatoth will also be presented through the `window` (please check our website and our social network page during the exhibition to learn more about the changes).

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