Róbert VÁRADY: Immersion

Róbert VÁRADY: Immersion

1012 Budapest, Várfok u. 14.

THURSDAY, 7th April, 2016 from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m.
The exhibitions will be opened by Márió Nemes Z. poet, critic, aesthete

The exhibition is on view from 8th April until 6th May 2016, Tuesday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The exhibition of Róbert Várady, entitled Immersion will be on view from the 8th of April in the Várfok Project Room. The show will provide a rich insight into the latest figurative works of the Munkácsy Prize awarded Hungarian artist, Róbert Várady, member of the Várfok Gallery’s permanent artists’ circle.
The art of Róbert Várady (1950, Budapest) has a certain intellectual nature. He often gets inspired by exact philosophical and literary texts, engaging himself in existential experiences, thoughts and themes. Besides philosophy he reflects on the actual problems and results of natural science. In his works elusive concepts of metaphysics are translated into a visual language, turning them into visual metaphors.

The recent exhibition shows several connection points with previous series, continuing the detailed inspection of the topics. Thus some of the works focus on the examination of space. From the exact, real space of the painting, Immersion we arrive to the virtual, geometrical, abstract space of the Search of Balance in Ambivalent Space where the composition is filled with tension due to the ambivalent elements.

An absurd and ironical tone has recently been intensified in Várady’s art which can also be felt at this exhibition. Absurd signs, references, incongruous little details that appear in the paintings, aim to displace the composition and force viewer to leave comfort zones. Elderly women are the main figures of two exhibited works: one of them finds herself facing a physical diagram on the wall of her own house and the old pot cover suddenly becomes a shield in her hand, while the other one is dragging a black, unidentifiable, black sack. Besides them, Martin Heidegger, one of the most important source of Várady’s philosophical painting also appears in the exhibition hall.

Paintings presenting heads form a special group at the exhibition. Different dimensions reveal in front of the viewer who from the works reflecting on the world grief of the young generation, through the counterparts depicted above, to the clones encounters moral dilemmas of the technological world raising important dilemmas and issues.

The partner of the exhibition: National Cultural Fund

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