Roland KAZI: Superstition Factory March 25, 2015 - April 25, 2015

Within the framework of his first solo exhibition once again a young talent, Roland KAZI (born in Kiskunhalas /H, 1987) has the opportunity to present his works in the Várfok Project Room.He graduated at the Media Design department at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) in 2014 and last year the Várfok Gallery already presented his master project, the Belief Machine at the Art Market Budapest art fair with a great success. Now, at the exhibition titled Superstition Factory, besides his recent work, the kinetic sculpture titled The Changed Children, the audience can get an insight into his video performances too.

Despite his young age, Roland Kazi has already developed a unique artistic world: he deals with various folk beliefs and superstitions. Behind of this thematic choice, the personal motivation is the artists’ rural origin: in the countryside the beliefs are living traditions, and one can easily encounter himself with different folkways or witch-stories recalled by the superstitions.

The creation of the artworks is preceded by a real ethnographic research, during which the artist could get acquainted with the beliefs spread by word of mouth. The sculpture exhibited at the Várfok Project Room was inspired from one of the beliefs concerning birth, the changed children. According to this popular superstition, the changed children is the freak child of a malicious, supernatural being, whom was replaced with somebody’s “real” child. The story, presented in three levels, has been removed from its original narrative context to a modern scenery, where the superstitions, as in a factory, are processed on an assembly line.

In the works of Roland Kazi we can explore the desire of the preservation of the traditions: he shows us the old beliefs dormant in our collective memory, which are at the risk of oblivion in our modern, urban society, but just waiting for their recall. 

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