Roland KAZI: My Little Village September 10, 2016 - October 08, 2016

Autumn season at the Várfok Project Room begins on the 10th of September with Roland Kazi’s solo show entitled My Little Village. The artist’s works are presented in the gallery for the second time: his unique creative universe filled with beliefs and superstitions can be familiar to the public from last year. The current show is the first exhibition of Roland Kazi as a member of the Várfok Gallery’s permanent artists’ circle, inaugurating the newly renovated and expanded space of the Várfok Project Room.

Roland Kazi graduated from the Moholy‐Nagy University of Art and Design in 2014 with a degree in media design. He has continued his education in the Doctoral School of the university, reading multimedia arts since 2015. Despite his young age he has already developed a distinctive style: his works present the forgotten, yet actually present rural world in a modern setting. A deeply personal cause lies behind the works’ subject, as the artist himself has his roots in the country, having had grown up in a village near the Serbian border.

Kazi’s personal attachment to the rural world, as well as questions of origin and identity are presented in a self‐reflexive manner at the exhibition. The show is characterized by an installation entitled My Little Village, created in 2015 at the Steel Sculpture Symposium in Kecskemét, consisting of three kinetic sculptures and a video performance. The installation displays two symbols with differing meanings, the shoe and the house, moving and engaging in varying situations, evoking the exciting, yet ambivalent notions of departure, separation and return, the fear of the unknown and the crave for it. This project is accompanied by a series of 16 graphic works focusing on the motif of the house as well as a video performance. The exhibition reflects on dilemmas concerning origin, the search for identity, departure and returning home, or even the perpetual circle of life.

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