FlowerPower: Szilvi Tóth March 22, 2013 - May 11, 2013

Várfok Project Room’s next exhibition will present from March 22, 2013 one of the newest photo projects of Szilvi Tóth titled Flower Power.
Szilvi Tóth is one of the young photographers of Várfok Gallery’s Spiritusz Section. She received her diploma in photography at the Faculty of Visual Communication at MOME University in 2002, then in 2004 in the same university her master degree at the Faculty of Design and Art Management. Furthermore she studied and made researches in photography and media art in different universities all over Europe, e.g. Athens (GR), Amsterdam (NL), Helsinki (FIN), Bratislava (SK). She regularly exhibits in Hungary and abroad, but currently lives and works in Amsterdam.
Szilvi Tóth is an artist who thinks and works through projects. She examines and inspects one subject or topic even for years. Flower Power is one of her newest series started in 2009 but unconcluded up to now, being a continuously growing material. The visitors will encounter in the Project Room a space specific selection of this project, presenting mostly the newest photos, completed this time with an interesting animation and an installation.
Through her series, Szilvi Tóth analyses the relationship between Human and the surrounding environment, more specifically the impact of Human activity and its influential role on the global and public life space. Spontaneity and manipulation are two determinative factors in her works. Her photos seem to be intim and informal; even if taken in different countries, one would not feel any difference between them, as it is not the social aspect of one specific place that matters, but the situation or the composition born in that specific ambience. Although, 'her' spontaneity is often overwritten by manipulation: sometimes  strange objects placed in the foreground will confuse the classical, clear compositions, also she will superpose layers through multiple exposure. In any case, her aim is to drag the spectator’s attention to wider connections and express how powerful is Human in shaping the environment.
As the title shows, her series Flower Power takes under examination the role of flowers in the urban life of Man who has been torn away from nature. Contrary to the flower-clichés used since ancient times, Tóth will catch a deeper relationship between plants and Mankind:
‘This exhibition is about life and death. Flowers were always very important to people. They stand by us during the most important events of our lives, accompany us ’til death and even over it. They are the incarnation of the ideas of feast and beauty. But what does a flower really represent to us?‘ (Szilvi Tóth)
Wonderful flowers, vivid colours, playfulness create the basic atmosphere during the next exhibition of Várfok Project Room. But behind Beauty unfolds criticism, and decadence comes with wilt. The question is if we can perceive the hidden words of the flowers and let the pictures drive us through the trap of aesthetics, beyond which, in the deeper layers, existential questions burst into flower. Szilvi Tóth walks amongst us as a kind of voyeur, observes unnoticeably, exposes: the result is an immensely honest, severe and unfolding world.  

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