Christiane PESCHEK: You Disappeared in Complete Silence November 22, 2016 - January 21, 2017

The next exhibition in the Várfok Project Room will be a photographic installation by the Austrian photographer, Christiane Peschek. Christiane Peschek (Salzburg, Austria, 1984) is currently living and working in Vienna where she completed her art studies. Her works have featured in solo and group exhibitions across Europe from Dublin through Lisbon to Athens, as well as in Asia. In 2014, a selection of her work was included in the Chimera Art Award.

Her first debut in Budapest was in 2012, with the series titled ‘Section’ in the Várfok Project Room. The exhibition then and now was made possible due to the cooperation with the Várfok Gallery’s Regensburg partner gallery, the Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister.

Photography for Peschek is a tool for exploring personal and anecdotal memories, opening a bridge towards remembrance. In the role of observer, she examines, from the outside, her experiences, feelings and stories to create her own intimate and personal imagery. In this context reality can only be suspected, but never known.

The artist's conception of reality is closely linked to the works of the Argentinian writer and poet, Jorge Luis Borges, who died thirty years ago. Peschek’s pictures deconstruct the mechanisms behind the storytelling process, with something always preventing a smooth interpretation. There may be some unexpected element, some image defects (such as the green, nebulous blur appearing on several works) or some surprising associations which strangle the simple telling of the narrative and, thereby, stimulate further interpretations. 

This exhibition will present explicitly selected works for the space of the Várfok Project Room, from Peschek’s joint work of art titled ‘You Disappeared in Complete Silence’, in which the photographs are complemented by short texts. The central motif of the exhibition is the forest, which, according to the artist’s own account serves as a metaphor for the constructed, emotional space created between two lovers. The issue linking the works together is the love affair itself, its various phases and possibilities are evoked in each artwork.

Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister
Austrian Cultural Forum in Budapest

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