Zita Nagy: Mermaid Tea Party July 12, 2012 - July 28, 2012

„I met a mermaid in the summer sunset. She told me she lived in a castle at the bottom of the Ocean. We talked until dawn and as soon as the first sunrays gleamed on the golden surface of the water I enclosed her in my heart”. – Zita Nagy
Várfok Project Room will present this time the installation of Zita Nagy, a freshly graduated young guest artist.  Zita Nagy (b. 1987) finished her studies in 2012 at the Graphic Design Department of MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, Budapest); her diploma-work was a particular interactive furniture-installation. Várfok Project Room will now give place to this specific total artwork titled Mermaid Tea Party as the last exhibition before Várfok Gallery Group’s summer break.
As we read the quotation here above, it is no question that the vital element of Zita Nagy’s work and art is KITSCH, with big letters. Golden table made of imitation marble, nauseous crowd of porcelaine figures, shiny mirrors, horses running on the sea-side, rainbow-coloured chairs with red roses, kittens and hearts… Only a few of the decorative elements of the installation. Zita Nagy undertook the quest of finding the most surreal and most ’sweet’ item of Kitsch, beyond which there is nothing more ’beautiful’. Indeed, after several months of designing and executing, all of the motives of this carefully elaborated work, planned to the last detail, propagate the triumph of beauty. The whole work is to be interpreted as a stream of overflowing beauty, where the attention of the surprised spectator is constantly captured by the always newly discovered motives. Interaction has an important role too as the „I love you” chairs have the special function of assisting the unfolding partnerships.
To see the exhibition, the spectator will have to follow the very thin borderline between art and ’anti-art’, surrounded by questions and doubts. What is it that differentiates the professional from the amateur artist and what is it that makes a decorated furniture an art work to be exhibited in a Gallery? How is it possible to legitimize such a work in the context of high-quality art? These are some of the questions to which Zita Nagy would like to have the answers, and so do we. But hence the notion of Kitsch and its confines are hardly determinable and subjectivity is also one of its determinative elements, we must not expect unfailing answers. What to do then? The spectator, after getting over the first shock, will choose to sit on the rainbow-chair… loudly declaring love to its ’sitter’: the only advice we can give is to let his/her heart be touched by the artwork and then, perhaps, it will help to find the answers behind the emotions and thoughts generated by the work.

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