Angles June 04, 2014 - July 12, 2014

With the season final exhibition of Várfok Gallery, the halls are to be filled with the true spirit of summer. On the exhibition entitled Angles numerous of the regular artists of the gallery gain space, displaying different artistic styles, mediums and techniques.

The carnival of colours and forms, the freeing music of surfaces and the strict structure of motifs form the basic mood of the event.

The title allows a wide range of understanding both for the exhibition itself and each work. Progressing in line with the concept, not only the representatives of abstract geometrical styles are presented, but the artists whose works secretly or openly connect strongly to the geometrical rules as well. The creation or exclusion of space, the vision of virtual signs, the transcendence of energy lines or the eternity of geometrical shapes are all suitable originations to discovering the different aspects of the exhibition.  

On Angles the audience has the opportunity to observe the secret motifs of László Mulasics (1954-2001) imbedded in wax, the transcendent gestures of István Nádler (1938), the symbols of Françoise Gilot (1921) recalling the era of the avant-garde, the vegetative space-constructions of János Szirtes (1954), as well as the out of reality sketch lines of Levente Herman (1976), graphic works of László Győrffy’s (1976) created with surgical precision and the “fraktalfever” of Róbert Várady (1950).

Besides the playful surrealism of Endre Rozsda (1913-1999) stands the figurative constructionism of Ádám Hollós (1984). The force lines of the Mediterranean sceneries of László Szotyory (1957) are faced with the rugged line works of László feLugossy (1947) and the space lines of aatoth franyo (1954) sharply crossing his surfaces. In the works of Károly Keserü (1962) and Tamás Jovanovics (1974) musical rhythms can be found. The representative of the medium of photography on the exhibition is Mátyás Misetics (1980), whose broken road-systems create a curious utopia of our own virtually influenced visuals.

The exhibition Angles is the parade of brilliant artists, which aims to drive the audience to overlook the false evidences and concentrate on the details, shapes and angles that the true points of the true substance in each work lays.

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