El KAZOVSKY: Encore April 07, 2016 - May 06, 2016

Following on from the enormous success of the exhibition organized at the Hungarian National Gallery, the works of El Kazovsky will be on view at the Várfok Gallery from the 8th of April, 2016. The Russian-born, Kossuth Prize awarded El Kazovsky (1948, Saint Petersburg /RUS/ – 2008, Budapest /HUN/) was one of the Várfok Gallery's first exhibitors in 1991 and, up until his death in 2008 he has had 16 solo exhibitions at the Gallery. This will be the first time since 2008 that a selection of his works will be displayed in a solo show in the extended, almost 200 sqm exhibition space of the Várfok Gallery.

A common feature of El Kazovsky’s works in various genres is that they are all about the connections and relationships between the characters of his personal, subjective mythology, which in turn are based on classical elements, themes and philosophies. The stage-like spaces created by El Kazovsky and the scenery elements of cypresses, chimneys, rock and curtains all combine to create his "theatre" where his stories and dramas of constant unfulfilled longing are played out. The characters which are present in his work appear as faceless torsos, ballerinas, Fates, Venuses, and a dog-like wandering animal, the artist portrayed as a character himself, is the subject of the eternal longing and acts as a mediator between the painting and the viewer.

His artistic career began at the end of the 1970’s. In addition to his paintings, his installations and performances are also significant. Therefore this exhibition at the Várfok Gallery intends to provide an insight into the artist's various genres: together with paintings several installation elements and graphic works will also be shown. Spanning nearly 40 years the exhibition includes some early works of the 1970’s to his late compositions of the 2000s. Each work offers a different and intriguing insight into the most important features of El Kazovsky’s art.

Works that belong to the El Kazovsky Foundation which form the basis of the exhibition, and which were originally part of the uncommercialised core of material, are now being made available for the public in the hope that they can be the financial background for further researches of the Foundation and the publication of an El Kazovsky monograph. The rest of the exhibited works have been sourced from various private collections and are also available for sale.

Our intention in this exhibition is to conjure up the unique personality of El Kazovsky: in addition to archive interviews and films, his iconic, monumental portrait made by László Fehér will be shown.


The exhibition has been realized in cooperation with the El Kazovsky Foundation.

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