Françoise GILOT June 30, 2016 - July 30, 2016

The highlight of this year’s programme at the Várfok Gallery is the solo exhibition of the 95-year-old, world-renowned artist, Françoise Gilot. This follows the exhibition of the work of Françoise Gilot (1921, Neully-Sur-Seine, France) last held in the Gallery in 2011 when an exciting selection of paper works were on show to the public. 

This exhibition is designed to provide a bold insight into the artist's colourful oeuvre and will feature paintings as well as graphic works of a variety of genres taken from different periods. The exhibition will also include work of the Hungarian painter, Endre Rozsda, a close friend of Gilot until his death, and whose workshop in the 1940s was the scene of the beginning of Gilot’s artistic journey.

From her early childhood Gilot drew and painted and, after graduating from various academies during the war, in 1944 she met Picasso. Her biographical and theoretical writings, published during her later career, perfectly reflect her deep interest in the academic aspects of painting. Thanks to the two volumes written by her, also published in Hungary (‘Life with Picasso’, 1964 and ‘In the Arena with Picasso’, 2004), her relationship to one of the best known art masters of the 20th century is well documented. It is of little surprise therefore that the development of her painting could not escape the influences of Picasso – she wholeheartedly embraced theory which she mastered by practice. However, from the mid 1950s this influence lessened and she subsequently found her own mature style. Later she gained worldwide fame as a painter which she earned through her art, her work combining strong colours with a striving for simplicity as her paintings move between the borders of abstract and figurative imagery with the coordination of tonality of colour whilst, at the same time, she condenses her philosophical vision of the world into solid and bright compositions.

The Várfok Gallery has been working with Françoise Gilot since 2000 and this will be the seventh solo exhibition of her work held by the Gallery. Gilot, the last living witness of the 20th century’s artistic development, even after all these years continues both to work and attain international success as may be seen by the 2012 exhibition in one of the world's leading galleries, the Gagosian Gallery, New York, where her work was shown together with works by Picasso. Further evidence of her international standing may be seen in the results of Sotheby's and Christie's auctions where her early artworks have realised figures in the region of $500,000 - $600,000.

Françoise Gilot’s works are represented in numerous museums and galleries world wide including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (USA), the Museum of Modern Art in New York (USA), the Centre Pompidou, Paris (F), the Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris (F), the Musée de Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv (ISR) as well as in many prestigious private collections.

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