franyo aatoth: Waterscape With a Drowning Man...or Almost September 14, 2014 - October 11, 2014

Várfok Gallery wishes to celebrate the 60th birthday of franyo aatoth (1954, Nyíregyháza) with an exhibition of great dimensions. The pieces on show consist of the works of the recent years dominantly in the genre of landscape.

Recently franyo aatoth spends lengthy periods of time in Thailand broadening the Paris – Budapest axis. He built a studio at the edge of the jungle where the scene with the rain forests’ flora covering everything liberated the artist’s compositions. The compositions are marked by loose painting technique, the absence of figures and a thick network of calligraphic signs. With the feeling of a never-ending landscape and also with his ready-made objects (wood furniture which he found on the street and then he painted over them) aatoth reacts to the destructive way how humans use nature, and he adds to this TV sets which he also painted over wishing to call upon the media's anomalous role.

There will be several artistic materials displayed on the exhibition – paintings, installations, ready-made objects – so as to get a full picture of aatoth’s many styles. The opening of the exhibition will be inaugurated by a performance played by the artist himself with a few collaborators.

The exhibition will be exceptionally open between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, 14 September 2014 within the framework of the program series of the Gallery Weekend Budapest.

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