István NÁDLER: Spiral October 20, 2011 - November 19, 2011

Várfok Gallery’s forthcoming exhibition entitled Spiral will present the newest works of István Nádler.
István Nádler, one of the most important actors of the neo-avantgarde movement in Hungary, former active member of the famous Iparterv-generation will exhibit his works in the confines of a solo show for the 11th time in Várfok Gallery; the audience met his paintings for the first time in Várfok Gallery (in the former XO Hall) in 1997. The Kossuth Prize and Munkácsy Award winning artist’s oeuvre, overarching several decades, surprises us even today with the always newer directions it can reveal to the public. After the strict hard edge period of the 1970s and the free, expressive pictorial language of the New Sensibitily period of the ’80s, his artistic approach evolved until he started gesture painting in the ’90s, characterised by a constant novation and the transition between different dimensions. After his famous black period and after his use of vivid, strong colours and gestures, during his latest exhibition organised in Várfok Gallery in 2009, we could discover an additional turn in his work. His pictures represented the notion of ’elevation’, a sort of ’consacration’, as the gestures were loosing weight, they were floating in the dull flame of golden, silver and pastel colours. It was the first time metal colours (gold, silver, copper, bronze) appeared in Nádler’s paintings, and they are still determinative elements of his painting even today.


The upcoming exhibition is entitled Spiral, which is the characteristic motive of his newest paintings. This form appears in nature in many shapes – just think of the tornado’s, the helix’s or the DNA’s shape; in Nádler’s pictures, it is present as an element forming the space and the composition of a work, it interprets and modulates the movement. Proceeding step by step at the exhibition, we are witnesses of the metaphysical process of Nádler’s artistic creation. The idea is born in the head of the artist by connecting to superior worlds; this is the idea of creation which will take shape in this outworld by stepping over sensitive theoretical borders.
We are walking among transcendent and immanent processes: here, behind the abstract forms, Nádler incessantly examines and defines his relation to the universal and his inner, constantly changing picture of which form he carries with himself.

Programs related to the exhibition:
 Guided tour at István Nádler’s exhibition entitled Spiral
 Date: November 5th 2011., Saturday 4 p.m.
 Location: Várfok Gallery (1012., Budapest, Várfok u. 11.)
 The tour will last 45 mins and will be held in Hungarian.

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