István Nádler: Unfolded November 30, 2013 - January 11, 2014

The exhibition is open from 30.11.2013 until 11.01.2014., Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.

István Nádler, the living classic of Hungarian contemporary art, the outstanding representative of Hungarian neo-avant-garde movement, the former member of the Iparterv Generation, is 75 years old this year. Várfok Gallery wishes to honour the artist, this year nominated for the Prima Primissima award, with a grandiose exhibition, that opens on his birthday, the 29th of November in Várfok Gallery. The exhibition is to be the twelfth private display in the venues of Várfok Street, since 1997, when he became a constant member of the circle of artists. Most of the now presented artworks are new works, painted in 2013, enriched with a sensitive choice of the artworks from the past few years.
One of the decisive points of the œuvre, now looking back at a past of five decades, is the constant, while coherent renewal, which explores deeper and deeper layers of the metaphysics of the artwork. Until now, the utmost significant turning point of this road took place in the beginning of the 2000s, with the “black era”. The leaving of which was not only announcing the triumph of colours, but even more them being saturated with light, that around 2009 led to the effective use of gold and silver. The hereby exhibited material shows a new phase: after the airy, almost transparent spaces of the past we reach a new, vigorous, seemingly reductive, at the same time lyrical chapter, the tones of grey. Grey is not else, but the in-between status of black and white, which in an ambivalent way absorbs the ancillary parts of forms, thereby sharpening their significant being, bringing the utmost true quality to light. Compared to the black era, a different, less easily manifested transcendence is suggested, all by itself generating a state of expectancy.
The calmness and homogeneous silence of the colour grey pervades the exhibition. The gestures, dens around one and one point or running in spirals, bring the space into movement, while in their concentrated forms the meaning softly lights up. We become viewers of the clotting of energies, the interaction of force fields, the layering of parallel universes where behind the illusory weightlessness and spontaneity of gestures, nearly solved to transparency, stands the utmost conscious preparations and concentrated creation. The self-created pictorial reality evidences here, through the formulizing of eternal ideas.

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