László feLugossy & János Szirtes April 19, 2012 - May 20, 2012

The next exhibition to open in Várfok Gallery’s space – the second ’joint’ exhibition in a row –, will be the exhibition of LÁSZLÓ feLUGOSSY and JÁNOS SZIRTES: the two artists have cooperated numerous times, one will certainly remember some of their numerous performances. The upcoming show will open with a similar event: the joint exhibition goes with a joint opening performance in the Open Window.
János Szirtes (Budapest, 1954) is a determinative figure of the Hungarian contemporary art scene since nearly three decades. One will not be surprised when reading the fact – based on the title of the exhibition – that Szirtes is to be found in the centre of the now presented works. It is a video exhibited last year at Várfok Gallery (Lost notes – ’Lucid Dream’) that serves as a prefiguration for the present works, the guideline of which is still the appliance of the ’human body as a carrier’. Szirtes has used the gesture of paint splattering in different but several phases in his oeuvre, yet mainly on his paintings. During the last period, skin has gradually taken the place of canvas, i.e. the artist ’records’ the mark of the action, the process of creation more and more on his own body (in contrast with his early ’body-printed’ works). That is the painting lands eventually on the human body, the image of which finds afterwards its final shape ’embeded in a classical situation’ – or as a moving (video) or as a static (acrylic on canvas) form. It is in front of our eyes that unfolds a sort of redefinition of gesture-painting confined by body-painting, body-art and performance; or on the contrary, gesture-painting is liberated, ’rethought’ by these trends, e.g. due to the fact that this kind of painting comes to life without any brush. Szirtes places his own face in the centre of the realization of action painting as the start of the process of the autoportrait’s birth through thick, pastose paint-coats. Another part of the exhibition is constituted of an installation reflecting the unreversable process which follows a fracture: howsoever one tries to show something as an integrate one by patching, stitching it, the existence of the fracture cannot be eradicated, canceled – it is subsisting as a fact, one has to live with that. Szirtes prepares to unfold an intellectually and visually unsettling content which will breathe together until May 19th with László feLugossy’s world of small steps. The polyvalent underground artist László feLugossy (1947, Kecskemét) had – similarly to János Szirtes – his last one-man show at Várfok Gallery in 2009: he then presented his ’neodadaist’ pictorial poems. The upcoming show collects a wide treasury of genres: the pictures are completed by objects and videos. Exhibitions presenting László feLugossy’s works opened one after the other in the past months (Kunsthalle | Sírba visztek; MODEM | 7 Billion Human Brains, or So); the content of the show at Várfok Gallery is to be considered as the continuation of the MODEM-exhibition as the matters and ideas analysed through the works of 2011-2012 are now developed on another level. The exhibition can in fact be considered as one coherent installation: a multilayered, complex system of thoughts, characteristic of feLugossy is to unfold with a wide range of associations, which as usual gives place to the emblems of different cultures, to the transubstantiation of used objects (e.g. socks), to the fundamental facts about movement and figurativity. This latter field is developed throughout the figures and the forceful splattered, free gestures appearing on the paintings, by which the artist is analysing the essence of expressivity. And of course there are texts, completing the pictures as a sort of associative indications, which weave along the web of metaphorical reasoning. The title of the exhibition got its name from a video-installation: the World of Small Steps, as a criticism of society, suggests through the walking socks that our world, our civilisation is still in its infancy. However feLugossy, as we already got used to it, doesn’t want to judge or to provocate, but to induce thinking, reflecting and impress the viewer with his expressivity.


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