László Mulasics: Reefs of Noise January 25, 2011 - March 19, 2011

I.        The transformation of Várfok Gallery

Várfok Gallery, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2010 has started the reconstruction of its former XO Hall during last year. The expansion did not only serve the amplification of the Gallery’s space, but – considering numerous directives, demands and (professional) aspects – the developments had the aim to make possible for Várfok to become an internationally even more competitive contemporary gallery. After January’s test period Várfok Gallery will open the doors of its nearly 300 m2 space to the public from January 25. The two former exhibition halls – Várfok and XO – will unite in one big space: with the expansion of the former XO Hall (1st district, Várfok St 11) an internationally competitive gallery will come to life, or to be precise will born again. Former Várfok Hall will be renovated too: Spiritusz Gallery, born in Pest in 2007 as the branch of Várfok, will move next to the „mother institution” assuring a more concentrated cooperation for Várfok Gallery Group. Spiritusz will continue its work by promoting young talents in an improved space.

II.    The first exhibition presents works of László Mulasics

László Mulasics (1954-2001) is one of the most important Hungarian representatives of new sensibility who’s art can be defined from the 90’s as a unique stream of metaphysic painting. He is a leading actor and creator of Hungarian contemporary art scene, unfortunately known yet by a too restrained public to gain the place his art is worth.
It is not incidental that the new gallery space is to open with Mulasics: Várfok Gallery’s aim is to promote his abstract works made with special and unique techniques – claiming an improved, large space – in the confines of an outstanding two months exhibition. The one-man show has a sad apropos too: it has been ten years in 2011 that the artist has passed away.
The relation between Mulasics and Várfok Gallery came to life in 1998 - since, the Gallery has nursed the memory of the artist through different individual and group exhibitions.
The so-called new sensibility or „explosive painting” was a tendency conquering in Hungary in the 80’s, which stepped up against the minimalist and conceptualist world of the former years/decades as to „doctrinize” the power of subjectivity, free and forceful gestures and strong colorit.
Mulasics’ career started in this „effervescent” atmosphere, but already the early works show the peculiar path his works follow, using a personal language of forms. This is how he eventually, at the end of the 80’s, ended up using the technique of encaustic after a long experimental period: this technique originated from ancient times – result of paint mixed with wax – will radically change his pictorial world and will become inseperable from his name.
The present exhibition shows a special selection of works from a characteristic period of his oeuvre (1988-1998). Várfok Gallery shows this time „darker, deep colored works”: black encaustic, gold and silver-leaves, discrete colors, clear compositions, minimalistic symbols, homogene surfaces will dominate the works. The exhibition – apart from the suggestive world of the paintings – will also present paper-works and metal (lead, bronze) moldings never shown before, and accentuating the multiple techniques he used. More, the visitors will encounter works exhibited before in important foreign institutions.

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