Levente Herman: The Rhythm of the Bark April 20, 2018 - June 02, 2018

The Spring season will be greeted by the Várfok Gallery with an exciting solo exhibition by Levente Herman, entitled ‘The Rhythm of the Bark’. Herman, born in Târgu Mureș (Romania 1976), but living and working in Hungary for decades, is a member of the Gallery’s permanent artist circle and is one of the founding members of the so-called ‘Élesdi Művésztelep’(artist colony in Élesd [RO]).The colony was founded in 1997 by a group of artists who were at that time studying at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Currently, this group of artists is a significant force within contemporary Hungarian artistic discourse.

This new series of Herman is yet further proof of his spectacular “handling of the brush” and exceptional technique. At first glance, one can see a realistic depiction of sections of a forest and one is able to observe Nature. However, on closer inspection of the images, we find ourselves in a surrealistic wood where the geometry of the tree trunks, their rhythmic repetition, the sensation of light and the engaging colour, typical of Herman, enables us to discover deeper levels of meaning and to seek further interpretation.

White is a determining colour within this new series. The colour white provides an exciting contrast to Herman’s earlier works in which he tended towards darker tones such as shades of grey, blue and brown. It is interesting to compare these newest works with Herman’s earlier works, exhibited previously at the Várfok Gallery, in an exhibition entitled ‘Illusion’ and one in the Várfok Project Room, entitled ‘Tetris’. Herman’s unique world, personal symbolism, surreal yet realistic landscapes and mysterious elements of detail can all be found in his new series through a personal depiction of Nature.

Levente Herman joined the Várfok Gallery’s artist circle in 2007 and has since gained much success. Many of his works can be found in prominent Hungarian and International collections, such as in the Hungarian National Gallery, Frissiras Museum, Athens (GR) and C21Museum, Louisville (USA) together with a significant number of private collections across Europe and all over the world including the USA and China. His solo exhibitions have been shown in many countries, such as Italy in the Edward Cutler Gallery, Milan; Romania in the Zorzini Gallery, Bucharest and China in the Hong Zi Lan Gallery.


The exhibition is part of the Budapest Art Week’s official programme.

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