Lucid Dream - Hommage á Endre Rozsda September 14, 2011 - October 08, 2011

- Hommage á ENDRE ROZSDA-

Tuesday September 13th 2011| between 6 and 8 p.m.
The exhibition is open between:
14.09. – 08.10.2011.

Exhibiting artists:

aatoth franyo, Angelika Böröcz, Zsuzsi Csiszér, Eszter Csurka, László feLugossy, Françoise Gilot, László Győrffy, Enikő Hangay, Levente Herman, Éva Köves, Mátyás Misetics, István Nádler, Sándor Rácmolnár, János Szirtes, László Szotyory, Szilvi Tóth, Péter Ujházi, Róbert Várady


An unusual group exhibition will start the new autumn 2011 exhibition season at Várfok Gallery. In order to organize the show uniting different artistic genres, eighteen artists have been asked to cooperate on a specific theme. Moreover, the peculiarity of the exhibition resides in the fact that it’s an hommage exhibition commemorating the work of the painter Endre Rozsda (1913-1999).

The notion of lucid dream is a technical term, but the visitor will encounter within the confines of the exhibition a wide quantity of interpretations. For some people, dreaming can become another reality, whereas most of us associate dreaming with sleeping. Actually, our brain can sometimes create dreams in an awaken state of mind, with the cooperation of the subject’s conscience, with its control.
The Hungarian public knows already well the main characteristics of Rozsda’s late painting following 1945. His specific surrealism, slightly interlacing with his pictorial world, rather with his intellectual journeys to be considered as its antecedents - a unity hiding under the surface -, is tightly related with the notions of time and dream. From the few writings left behind by the painter Meditations, published in 1998 in the exhibition catalogue of the Műcsarnok, shows us unequivocally how Rozsda was able to „travel in time”. These journeys are the results of a kind of dreaming-phase, but he did not need to sleep for that, as he could dream awake, meditate (as the Surrealists did).

All three genres cherished by Rozsda – painting, drawing, photography – will be present at Várfok Gallery’s group exhibition – moreover, other media will also show up. Each of the painters, representing different generations, share their dreams through quite original works. Without forgetting their unique pictorial vocabulary and colour-palette, they overstep their usual motive-treasury to make new ideas sparkle on the canvas. The young exhibiting photographers will speak a new language as their foregoer did some decades before with his analogue camera, but their work is basically constantly characterized by coquetting with the dreamworld and the balance between different realities. Otherwise, some of Rozsda’s multilayered photographies will be shown by favour of the Hungarian Photography Museum. The video work will project us to discover „lost sounds”, while the film advances along the waves of time towards blackness. Of course, paperworks can not be left out of the exhibition which will open towards new dimensions through an interactive animation. A rarity, a work dated 1940 – but not signed by Rozsda – will also appear. The youngest artist is 27 years old, the eldest celebrates her 90th birthday this year: hence, not only the different media will assure a rich and colourful palette, but also very different approaches can be discovered.

One could ask why is the hommage exhibition organized this year? After Rozsda’s death, through a long decade, numerous occasions – talking principally about the Hungarian context – gave opportunity to discover always newer apects of his art through public institutions and outside of Várfok Gallery’s spaces too. In 2011, Várfok Gallery thought the time had come to let Rozsda’s art evolve in different way than before:  to give an opportunity for – primerly Hungarian – contemporary artists to „answer”, continue, reflect to one of the essential thoughts of Rozsda’s work, the idea of lucid dreaming and to the new approches it supposes – that is, to connect Rozsda’s work with the contemporary (Hungarian) art scene. In two years, we will celabrate the Centenary of Rozsda’s birth, which will enable serious, international events. This exhibition can be considered as a distant forerunner of the Centenary, as Rozsda’s art is to be now discovered in a new aspect. Parallel to the exhibition in Budapest, a show presenting more than sixty paintings and drawings of Endre Rozsda and Françoise Gilot, completed with some Robert Capa photographies will open at the Hungarian UN seat in New York on September 29 2011.

We hope that through the works of the artists asked to cooperate for this exhibition, we will be able to interpret to the public and to the profession a new aspect of Rozsda’s rich oeuvre. We would like to present some ideas and spaces which we had not dreamt of before.

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