Péter UJHÁZI: Have No Fear! December 07, 2012 - March 12, 2013

Péter Ujházi (1940, Székesfehérvár) is one of the oldest members of Várfok Gallery’s artists’ circle: his first solo show was organised in 1991, shortly after the opening of the Gallery. Since then, his works were exhibited in Várfok Gallery in the confines of 12 solo, and numerous group shows. The next exhibition can be considered as a truly particular one since it will be the first time that the artist – recently nominated for the Prima Primissima Award – will exhibit in the renewed and enlarged space of Várfok Gallery. This occasion will enable to offer the visitor a complex vision of Ujházi’s art through various genres: apart from his newest paintings, one will encounter some of his typical boxes, box-pictures and collages.
Looking back at the past – almost – five decades, Péter Ujházi’s oeuvre represents a unique tone within the Hungarian art scene. Even though this oeuvre embraces different periods, Ujházi’s characteristical way of painting as well as the motives he uses become a richly woven myth surrounding the oeuvre. Initially, Ujházi proceeds from reality: he reacts to the happenings of his day-to-day life (just as diary notes), but the spectator is very soon taken far away from this secure basis. By changing the point of views and the perspectives within the composition, Ujházi destabilizes the spectator who suddenly finds himself in a surreal and whirling world populated by strange creatures. Vivid colours, sketchy but well-portrayed characters, bizarre animals, railways, crowdy streets...  In the past years, these familiar spaces have expanded into a cosmic-sized world: planets, the encounter and (even more) the collision of different solar systems are to unfold recently in front of the spectator. Witness of these day-to-day stories developing on the works, one will discover on them the crude signs of art brut and the sincerity of the children’s drawings too. Neverthless, behind these characteristics lays a serious vision about society and a personal critic about our world. They are like painted myths.
The term ’myth’ originally referred to the stories of those ancient cultures having no written language, where it served to transmit the fundamental worldview, the beliefs and the traditions of a community to the next generation, giving also an ethical guidance. This is how the works of Ujházi can be genuinely understood. Like the old wise man told stories to the community he belonged to, Ujházi is the narrator behind the works, he tells stories about how he sees our accelerated, chaotic world, the uncertain relationships, the dusty suburban architecture and the destruction of nature and planets. Beyond the everyday scenes lays universal memory. Thus the topic can be a concrete historical moment – The Flight of Jellasics (1973) – or a broader social environment – Angyalföld (2012) – apart from the individual associations, the pictures – as true myths – hold a universal meaning preserving  the traces of our past and traditions. The simple and sometimes banal sentences – such as have no fear!, coming – going, I am not distressed etc. – take part in this entity, and placed in the context of the scenes they seem to become magic runes. Spell-words which beside protecting the paintings might take part in the maintain of our world. Although Ujházi shows us a negative ending, not everything is lost, as the title of one of the exhibited works and that of the exhibition says: Have no fear!


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