After 5 years the Portal Gallery is closed!


After 5 years the Portal Gallery has closed!

The Portál Gallery has been functioning as a show window since 2002 in Várfok u. 8., entertaining the eyes of the citizens and the street habitants uniquely 24h a day. In the gallery – showing one work of art – every month used to be a different artwork exhibited. One had to stand on the painted footprints, thus standing in the middle of the window. There the curious could enjoy all the details of the exhibited artwork without any over watching gaze.

This "#8220;eye-entertaining“ situation could be kept for 5 years. The lodger would have liked to prolong the agreement. Unfortunately the office wanted the lodger to pay again for beginning a new tenantship of the place, and inspite of our petition they did not change their mind. Thus all the expenses together would have been so much that it was obvious that neither the lodger nor the Várfok Gallery, who was responsible for the professional work, program of the Portál Gallery, could keep it up any longer.

We hope to have pleased many with the small gallery’s exhibitions, and caused unforgettable moments during these five years.

The Portál Gallery gave place to the exhibitions of:
2002 István Nyári, Imre Gábor, András Király, Gabriella Nagy 2003 János Szirtes, István Nádler, László Győrffy, László Mátyás Oláh, Nikolett Nemes, franyo aatoth, Zsuzsi Csiszér, László Szotyory, Gabriella Nagy, János Szirtes 2004 István Nádler, András Dániel, Géza Sallai, János Szirtes, László Győrffy, Zsuzsi Csiszér, franyo aatoth , Gabriella Nagy, Róbert Várady 2005 István Nádler, Ákos Siegmund, Lili Cseh, János Szirtes, franyo aatoth, Zsuzsi Csiszér, András J.Bality, István Haász, Simon László Molnár 2006 franyo aatoth, István Nádler, László Mulasics, Eszter Csurka, Péter Ujházi, Zsuzsi Csiszér, János Szirtes

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