Finissage! Guided Tour with Ádám Hollós and Lilla Benkő


Dear Art Lovers!

Due to the big success of last week’s guided tour, we are pleased to inform you that – within the framework of the finissage – another tour will take place on Sunday, 19 November 2016 with the participation of the currently exhibited artists. In the first half of the guided tour, Krisztina Kovács gallery director and the artist, Ádám Hollós will discuss the Várfok Gallery’s exhibition entitled Discomfort. The tour will continue at the Várfok Project Room where Vanda Dillmann art historian and Lilla Benkő painter will guide visitors through the show entitled Between Parallels.

Date: Saturday, November 19, 2016, 4 p.m.
Venue: Várfok Gallery (1012 Budapest, Várfok street 11.)
Duration: 1 hour

The language of presentation is Hungarian, but all visitors are welcome.

Ádám Hollós graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts Painting Department in 2011 and, in the same year, joined the artist’s circle of the Várfok Gallery. Hollós' works are very much grounded in the reality of everyday life. He reinterprets moments and glimpses of city life. He analyses the scene, breaks down the various components and then carefully and methodically reconstructs the elements but with an altogether different quality. He poses questions, challenging the viewer and society at large. In Hollós’s latest works, a feeling of discomfort pervades the images. As the viewer encounters the painted scene, instinctive reactions are triggered which provoke a series of personal memories, thoughts and ideas. Hollós compresses a multitude of emotions into a single frame which then he allows viewers to unpick and unfold within themselves.

In Benkő Lilla's Between Parallels exhibition we present a selection of her paintings made in the last two years. Whether large or quite small artwork, the paintings specific language is instantly recognizable, the symbol system builds on each other year after year. Recurring motifs (pine forests, cliffs, fairy-tale creatures) inhabit the timeless world of the paintings, whose inspiration can be a quite ordinary event or object from our everyday life, or even the dream world and associations stemming from a chain.

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