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We are pleased to inform you that guided tours at our current exhibitions, at the exhibition of Françoise Gilot (Várfok Gallery) and at the solo show of Borbála Szanyi (Várfok Project Room) will take place on Saturday, July 9, 2016 at 4 p.m.

In the first tour of the coast, the director of the Várfok Gallery, art historian Krisztina Kovacs will present the solo exhibition of the 95-year-old, world-renowned artist Francoise Gilot at the Várfok Gallery. The tour will continue at the Várfok Project Room WHERE Vanda Dillmann art historian will guide visitors through the exhibition of Barbara szanyi, Entitled Fancy Room.

Date: Saturday, July 9, 2016, 4 pm
Venue: Várfok Gallery (1012 Budapest, Várfok street 11th)
Duration: 1 hour
. The language of the presentation is Hungarian, but all visitors are welcome

The highlight of this year's Programme at the Várfok Gallery is the solo exhibition of the 95-year-old, world-renowned artist Francoise Gilot. this follows the exhibition of the work of Françoise Gilot (1921, Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France) last held in 2011 in the Gallery When an exciting selection of paper Were works on show to the public. Our exhibition is designed to Provide a bold insight into the artist's oeuvre and will feature colorful paintings as well as graphic works of a variety of genres taken from different periods. the exhibition will also include work of the Hungarian painter, Endre rust, a close friend of Gilot until his death, and Whose workshops in the 1940s was the scene of the Beginning of Gilot's artistic journey.

The Instinctive, is essential representation of the consciously experienced things Important events and characteristic of an szanyi Barbara's (1979, Miskolc, Hungary) works. Thus, the artist immerses herself in Sculptured Special Problems, but at the same time , she is keeping the distance from her artistic subject, Which allows the audience could harm reflect on the basic ideas of her artworks. "The fancy room can be Considered as the person's inner reality and set of values. A place deserving and WHERE IT IT Possible to return, no matter how routine takes you. rump The Daily it is a permanent standard base. In Addition to the fancy room, on the walls of the exhibition room episodes, accessories and symbolic objects from the past will Appear. The unreality in the real space. The Illusion. "- Barbara szanyi

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