Győrffy in the Kunsthalle!


One-Weeker in the Kunsthalle!

Staged for the third time, Kunsthalle’s One-weeker will open on September 19th, 2005 at 6 p.m. As its title suggest the exhibition will be open for exactly one week (until September 25th) and will present twelve artists in twelve rooms. Among the exhibitors is Várfok Gallery’s young artist, László Győrffy, who along with older paintings created new works for the present show.

Anyone interested in the current trends of Hungarian painting should visit the Kunsthalle.

As the homepage of the Kunsthalle states - A common feature of the works on display is that their creators reached back to various traditions of painting. Of the exhibiting artists, Dániel László, Rita Mátis and Rita Varga search for the new in some old artistic style (pittura colta), while László Győrffy, Lola Kovács and Zsófi Barabás are characterized by an eclectic union of stylistic marks which has suggestive, metaphoric and subjective orientations (new image painting. The reinterpretation of monochrome painting also makes an appearance at the display, partly as an ongoing inquiry into painting, and partly as a questioning of the possibilities of painting, the continuously restructuring positions of the work of art, as in the pictures of József Bullás, Zsigmond Károlyi, István Losonczy and Róza Reményi Schmal. Zsombor Barakonyi uses skateboards and boat shells as the support of his paintings, while Márton Romvári employs gesture painting and painted wooden boxes with personal objects within, to speak about time and make it visible.

Opening speech by János Sturcz art historian, on Monday 19th of September, at 6 p.m.

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