Monumental exhibition of Endre Rozsda at the Orangerie du Sénat, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris


Monumental exhibition of Endre Rozsda at the Orangerie du Sénat, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris
2-12 June, 2017


A monumental exhibition of Endre Rozsda will open at the Orangerie du Sénat, Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. The Time Regained is the fruit of an adventure shared by art-lovers, friends and collectors of Endre Rozsda’s work to promote the exceptional talent of this Hungarian-born artist. A participant in and witness to the 20th Century’s major avant-garde schools of thought, Endre Rozsda still remains one of the best-kept secrets in his country of adoption, France. And yet, this outstanding artist, throughout his career, met and collaborated with some of the figureheads of Modern Art, namely Françoise Gilot, André Breton, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp etc. Thanks to his singular style, Endre Rozsda’s life and work are a window on art from the 1940s to 1990s, seen through a different lens. Having lived in a Europe ravaged by war, the Soviet revolution and the end of the avant-gardists, Endre Rozsda leaves a unique collection of work that has truly earned the honour of this very first retrospective in France Curator David Rosenberg has selected approximately fifty paintings and drawings, arranged in chronological order thereby, exploring the multiple facets of Rozsda’s work.

As a logical step following the retrospective which celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the artist’s birth at the National Gallery of Budapest (2013), this representative exhibition offers glimpses into the artist’s life as well as the evolution of his work presented in seven “chapters”: The Free Movement, Surrealistic Nightfall, the Dawn of Europe, the Castle of Memories, The Ear Listens, Initiation and Underground Sketches. Originally from Hungary (Mohacs 1913 - Paris 1999), Endre Rozsda had a brilliant career as painter and graphic artist in Paris, where he would settle permanently in 1956 after the Russian tanks invaded Budapest. His very personal and mysterious style was lauded by André Breton in his book “Surrealism and painting” and won the Copley Prize, awarded by Marcel Duchamp himself, in 1965.

Rozsda’s style, drawing on surrealism and abstraction, lends each of his works a fascinating kaleidoscope- like touch with time as its main focus. “I throw light on humanity, wake up the sleeping and the dead. I give them a voice to express themselves…” Endre Rozsda.


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