Mutants in Los Angeles...


The Mutansts have arrived to Los Angeles

Mutants in Los Angeles…

The Mutansts have arrived to Los Angeles

The Artmurmur Gallery was founded last year by Leandra Hindricks graphic designer and Stephen Kramer collector, in the downtown of Los Angeles, where new galleries are popping up, giving the area a new role. This is typical of Los Angeles, where every part of the town (Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, La Brea Park , etc.) has its own gallery district.
Downtown Art Walk is such a district, where every second Thursday of a month the galleries organize an open evening, where the visitors are welcome as if it was an opening. The inventor of these occasions and the district was Bert Green, the owner of Bert Green Fine Art.
As seen on the photos the Artmurmur Gallery is positioned between the Main Street and Los Angeles Street. It has a big shop window towards the street, and the gallery has two big halls, which are about 5m high, which is typical of the downtown area. Two big security guards are posting in front of the gallery as the 6th Street is part of the darker side of the town. Fortunately this was not noticeable at the vernissage, which was very much like the ones in Hungary, besides a few things:
The vernissage started at 7 pm, and lasted until relatively late, 10 pm, because of the long distances of the town, and the impossible circumstances of the obligatory car-drive, namely you are not allowed to park in front of the gallery on the sidewalk, just in a big parking house around the corner.
It is not fashionable to hold a speech at a vernissage – thus nor was there any at Artmurmur, but the gastronomical part of the party was quite grandiose: cheese plates, warm meals, wines – although as I noticed wine was not as popular as in Hungary it would have been. The meals were in my room, thus all the 100 visitors were tempted to my paintings. The visitors were mostly friends of the owners and painters or art historians. It was an interesting – already seen – experience for me to see, that the gallery owners (Leandra and Stephen) try to keep everything in their hands, and only ask sometimes the help of their families or strangers, like a PR manager for the preparation of the opening, or two waitresses for the opening ceremony. During the vernissage it was one of the PR assistants who took me to the costumers, who with a list of my works were waiting to get me and my works better known. In order to make my art more understandable, they put a big description of my history and an artist’s statement on the wall. The same was for Paul Pitsker in the other room of the gallery.
As it was a public occasion and Hollywood is not that far, a bit of glamour could be felt around everything, still as far as communication and artistic view is concerned the pathos-free pragmatic American rationality was dominant. To illustrate this, in the guestbook, where in Hungary everybody writes friendly notes and funny messages for the artists, here everybody was only writing his/her name and e-mail address.
All in all the opening was cheerful, as the gallery owners told me, this was the biggest crowd coming to a vernissage in the history of the gallery and the internationally famous critic Peter Frank also turned up - and made later positive comments on the exhibition. The biggest surprise for me was the 6-7 Hungarian artists who arrived thanks to the invitation sent to the Hungarian Consulate.
After the long lasting (till 11 pm) vernissage, we with a smaller group continued the celebration in one of the cool clubs (Golden Gulfer if I remember well), but that is a different story…

László Győrffy

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