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In the month of September the new paintings of Zsuzsi Csiszér and András Király are on display in the Várfok and the XO Halls

As the summer has come to an end a new exhibition season begins and the Várfok Gallery awaits those interested in contemporary painting!

In September two young artists who are regular exhibitors of the Várfok Gallery will present their newest works: Zsuzsi Csiszér (in the XO Hall) and András Király (in the Várfok Hall)

The new paintings of Zsuzsi Csiszér continue the family and nature theme she began to depict last year. The title of the exhibition - Outdoors - also refers to this. Among the green paintings there appears besides the more meticulously painted pictures two works which are more abstract and remind us almost of minimalism. A separate room is devoted to the paintings which depict the members of her nuclear family, always within the context of nature and the outdoors. The logo that appears in the corner of each painting – the personal emblem of Csiszér – also depicts the entire family. The opening speech will be given by the art historian Jószef Készman

The present exhibition of András Király is based on gigs, which is further enhanced by packed nature of the gallery’s installation. Király describes his paintings in the following way: ”The title of the series (My Way) is from the most widely remade Frank Sinatra song (we might even be a little bored by it). I chose this because my new series focuses on myself, on my interests, on what I see, on who surround me and on what was important and determinant in my life. Of course it is not a simple panorama picture that I painted with me in the center. The pictures can be grouped around subjects which occupied my interest in the past few years:entertaining people, words, drums, my father-in-law, wishes. Essentially I wanted to make a burlesque film and invite the most loveable stars who are able to sell the film themselves.“


In the Portal Gallery the painting of András J. Bality (USA) is on view.



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