Opening in the Várfok


The exhibition of franyo aatoth and Hommage "agrave; Mulasics – group exhibition

Opening in the Várfok
Opening reception: 15. June 2006. 6 pm, Várfok Hall

The exhibition of franyo aatoth - opened by Rudolf Pacsika (Pacsika Rudolf), artist

On the newest paintings of franyo aatoth the red base remained dominant. This layered, thick surface of the paintings creates time and space behind the figures. franyo carves small calligraphic symbols, short cartoon-like stories, and hardly readable texts – thus the paintings need time to be observed, and careful watching and close reading of the texts. Moreover on the paintings one can often discover Chinese signs, which make the perception even more difficult. This time franyo chose more a pop-like style, while keeping his old characteristics. In his paintings we see emblematic figures and themes. Sometimes animals are the protagonists of the paintings, but also the old "#8220;traditional“ themes, like palm trees are detectable in this new series of franyo.

Opening reception: 15. June 2006. 7pm XO Hall
Hommage "agrave; Mulasics – group exhibition
Opened by dr. Zsolt Petrányi, art historian, director of the Budapest Kunsthalle

The whole Hungarian art scene was shaken by the news that László Mulasics unexpectedly died five years ago, in 2001. His colleagues and friends try to honor his memory with this exhibition in the Várfok Gallery. From the generation of painters in the 80s, he is the one whose paintings are still valid, thus he could stay our contemporary. After the so-called "#8220;new painting“ movement he became postmodern, but also kept modernistic motives, and stayed always actual. Special feature of his works are, that he uses encaustics and metal bends, which make him special in the Hungarian art. He was an instinctive forerunner of the layered, technical tendencies of the 90s.
Exhibiting artists: Imre BAK, László FEHÉR, Áron GÁBOR, Tamás HENCZE, El KAZOVSZKIJ, Károly KELEMEN, András KONCZ, István NÁDLER, Tamás SOOS, János SZIRTES.

In the Portál Gallery (1012 Várfok street 8.) the work of Péter Ujházi is exhibited.

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