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The book about the first 15 years of the Várfok Gallery has appeared!

What’s this book and why is it important?
The book about the first 15 years of the Várfok Gallery has appeared. Among the contemporary galleries in Hungary it is an absolute unique initiation, as it tries to summarize all the exhibitions and events of the gallery with an art historian’s accuracy. It is illustrated with many pictures; it speaks in four languages and got a special, entertaining design and layout.

How is it constructed?
The three essays of the book were written by József Készman, Gábor Pataky and Katalin Spengler, who describe the work of the gallery from three different point of views: the point of view of the gallery as an institution, the artists in the gallery and the collectors of the gallery. After this comes the chapter of the permanent members of the gallery, where each artist is represented with four reproductions and a short description. Then there is a diary of the first 15 years of the gallery with all the exhibitions and other events organized by or through the gallery. These diagrams are complemented with about 200 pictures, thus the reader gets a good impression of the past 15 years. Besides all this the biographies of the artists, a list of all the exhibitors of the gallery and a long bibliography are also parts of the book.

Who is the book talking to?
To all who are interested in the contemporary art of Hungary, and those who would like to know about the beginnings of the Várfok Gallery and how it developed in its first 15 years. To all who might be interested in the work of a contemporary artgallery, who like to watch old photos and brows among information, who are looking for details and like to leaf in a demanding book.

Where can you find it?
In the XO and Várfok Hall of the Várfok Gallery, Várfok street 11 / 14, Budapest, between 11 am and 6 pm, from Tuesday till Saturday.

Whom do we thank for?
The editors: the art historians of the Várfok Gallery: Sarolta Entz, Erika Fekete-Horváth, Rita Jánosi-Halász, the designer of the book: László Csáki, the authors of the essays: József Készman, Gábor Pataki, Katalin Spengler, the translators: Sarolta Entz, Róna Kopeczky, Orsolya Mogán, Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák, those who proofread the translations: Ákos Benkő, Thomas Cooper, Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák, those who took the pictures: István Berzsenyi, Harald Humml, László Lugosi Lugo, Dávid Lukács, Miklós Sulyok, Károly Szalóky, Béla Tőke, Robert Zahornicky and at last but not least for the Állami Nyomda (State Printing Company).

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